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Lifestyle & Editorial Florals


Yes, you should surround yourself with flowers and get stunning photographs of you and that sweet baby bump of yours! We can dream up anything you'd like....from a full on flower installation (vining up a wall, floating from a ceiling, a floral pillar backdrop, etc.) to a bouquet for you to hold...we can make some maternity flower magic.

Starts at $250+

Family Photo Shoots

We can create sweet floral designs for your family photo shoots, whether it's within a studio or outdoors.

Starts at $250+


You deserve beautiful photographs AND beautiful flowers. We offer wearable flowers (think flower brassier or a live flower tattoo), bouquets, installations, and more.

Starts at $250+


We love collaborating with local businesses and brands to dream up all kinds of wild and beautiful floral installations, staging arrangements, backdrops, centerpieces, meadow 'growing' arrangements, bouquets, tablescapes, wearables, and more).

Starts at $250+

Styled Shoots & Editorials

We love thinking outside of the box to create designs that have never been seen before. We delight in collaborating with fellow artists and vendors to dream up wildly beautiful designs and bringing them to life.

Window display installations, styled photo shoots, museum and art gallery displays, branding sessions, and beyond! Pricing is dependent upon the project specifics, flower details, and location.

Starts at $500+

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