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Sarah holding bouquet of white flowers, staring out the window.

Hello, meet Sarah.

Artist. Dreamer. Visionary. Storyteller. Lover of Nature. Seeker of Quiet, Peace, Wonder, and Beauty.  Founder of Manette Flower Co.


Sarah is unbound to the latest Pinterest trends and untethered to a specific genre of floral design. Sarah gathers inspiration from many art forms: playing the cello, poetry (especially the works of Mary Oliver and David Whyte), old architecture and textiles, botanical gardens, and immersing herself in different cultures across the globe. Sarah can often be found wandering through art galleries, exploring plant nurseries, walking with her pup Piglet in the woods, and frolicking with friends in the garden (with a cup of Earl Grey tea, of course).

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What we're about... 

Creating whimsical, elegant and eclectic floral designs with the most unique flowers and foliage.

Sourcing organically grown flowers as hyper-locally as possible from our very

own urban flower farm and local farmers.

Emphasizing the sacredness of seasonality by honoring flowers in their most natural states and growing stages (e.g., without artificial dyes and pesticides).


Utilizing sustainable, earth-loving methods and mechanics - we are 100% foam free and we compost all of our waste product post event! 

 Creatively repurposing floral arrangements by making installations and arrangements that can be relocated and admired more than once during your event.

Let's tell your love story with flowers 
and make your dreams come to life.

We cannot wait to learn more about YOU and your vision. Manette Flower Co. offers  a complimentary 40-minute Zoom consultation for all potential clients.

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